School History

School History

St. Mochta’s National School has a history spanning over 150 years, the original structure of the school being built in 1853 and officially opened in January 1854.

The initial school was a very tall edifice which was extremely distinctive and unusual. This building still stands on the banks of the Royal Canal, although it is now abandoned. It was replaced by a three classroom building fronting the Clonsilla Road in 1963, known as the ‘White School’, which in turn was replaced by the much larger present structure in 1986.

The school plaque on the front wall of the school records the dates of the three schools: 1854 – 1963 – 1986.

The school crest shows a Willow Tree. This was the first tree planted after the school was opened and is situated behind the centre of the school yard ( 1986). The school motto – “Ag Críost an Síol”, is the first line of a poem: ‘To Christ belongs the seed’ or ‘All life comes from God’.

St. Mochta

He was the last survivor of St. Patrick’s disciples and the first Abbot of Louth. He founded a church at Coolmine called “The White Church of St. Machutus” and this served as the parish church for the surrounding area, although it had disappeared entirely by 1490.

“Everyone gets opportunities to succeed. Everyone is treated with respect.”