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Build Bulletin 28 August 2017

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What you may need to know:

1. Will there be any times when we won’t have access to our road?

 At the beginning of the building programme in April 2017, Fingal County Council has advised that a full road closure will be required for works on Porterstown Rd.

 This will be required for the duration of foul/storm diversion works.

 Local access will be maintained at all times.

2. For any future road closures, how much notice will we get?

 A minimum of 4 weeks’ notice will be given.

3. What are the times that trucks can make deliveries to the site?

 Deliveries can take place from 7am to 8.15 am, 9.15am to 1.15pm and 3pm to 6pm during teaching time.

 Glasgiven Contracts Ltd will endeavour to avoid deliveries during school hours.

 On school holidays, deliveries will arrive all day.

4. When trucks are queuing up to make deliveries, where are they going to park?

 There will be strictly no parking for delivery vehicles on the Clonsilla Rd or the Porterstown Rd. Deliveries will be coordinated in such a manner that queuing will be avoided.

5. Will the building company be responsible for traffic management etc on the roads during the delivery times?

 Glasgiven Contracts Ltd will be responsible for management of the construction traffic and also during any works while on adjacent roads.

6. Will the site ever be operating at weekends?

 Site activities may operate on Saturdays between 8am and 1pm.

 Very infrequently there may be low noise impact works carried out on a Sunday as roads would be quieter. For example, moving accommodation units to new locations.

7. Will the site ever be operating in the evening?

 Very infrequently beyond 6-6:30 pm but it does happen on occassion. For example, finishing concrete floors.

8. How noisy is it going to get?

 Every effort will be made to keep noise levels to a minimum, especially before 8am and after 6pm and at weekends.

9. What are the primary disruptions that I can expect to deal with over the lifetime of the build?

 The main interactions encountered by the local community will be the deliveries to and from site. There is also the possibility of road closures at commencement of works.

10. Are the builders going to put up a crane?

 It is envisaged that a crane will be located in the courtyard behind the existing white building to facilitate construction and then moved to the lower part of the site for phase 2.

11. Where will the builders themselves be parking their own vehicles for the day?

 We will accommodate some parking on site only.

12. Where will all of the various subcontractors (electricians, painters, air conditioning, locksmiths, etc) all be parking their vans during the day?

 There will be limited parking available on site for subcontractors.

 Site personnel will be warned in advance of starting on site in relation to illegal parking in surrounding areas.

 Car/van pooling has been advised.

13. If I have an immediate problem, who do I deal with?

 During construction period, contact details will be posted to construction at the site entrance for site related queries.

14. Where can I get more information?

 St Mochta’s National School Build Action Group by email:

 Facebook: St Mochtas School Build Action Group

 Twitter: @StMochtasNS_BAG