Fun Zone


Below is a list of great websites containing lots of games and learning opportunities. Although we checked the following links at the time of posting we cannot be held responsible for what is contained in external links to other websites. If any links have expired or have content not suitable for our children please let us know.


RTE News2day

English BBC’s literacy page Woodlands literacy page

Maths  Woodlands Maths Zone Lots of maths games for older children Games for younger children.


art Art ideas for children and teachers


Music New York Philharmonic For Kids

geography National Georaphic Kids website

Ask About Ireland  Primary School Learning Zone

Energy Quest Learn all about energy Lots of information and links to games

history_topics_av2 Lots of world History topics. Ideal for project work. Excellent BBC Website. Horrible Histories

science Lots of interesting interactive science ativities.

pe Learn about the Haka.

image_others Typing level 1 Typing level 2 Typing level 3 Typing level 4 Lots of fun games to help younger children with their English, Maths, Science and more! Irish website with resources for children of all ages in all curricular areas. Lots of games in lots of subject areas. Excellent website with hundreds of resources and games to enjoy. English and Maths for younger classes. English, Maths and Science for middle to older classes. English, Maths and Science for older children looking for a challenge!